Common Ft Lauderdale AC Repairs Our Experts Can Help With

Today, air conditioners form an important part of our daily life, as they are installed in homes, offices as well as commercial shops and business outlets. The air conditioners are often very useful, for those people who reside in extreme temperature regions. Even though air conditioners are quite useful, they are certainly bound to experience problems. Therefore, you should be well versed with the common air conditioning problems so that you can promptly call air conditioning repair Ft Lauderdale experts in case of a malfunction. The following paragraphs describe some common Ft Lauderdale AC repair problems.

Ft Lauderdale AC Repair

Ft Lauderdale AC Repair

Ft Lauderdale AC Repair Is A Simple Phone Call Away For Any Of These Issues

  • Refrigerant Leakage: This remains the most frequent air conditioner problem, which is majorly triggered by wrong installation techniques. The manufacturers always indicate the right refrigerant quantity in their service manuals and we will thus first confirm that it is not at a higher or lower level.
  • AC Not Cooling The Room: The other widespread Ft Lauderdale AC repair problem is when the air in a given room doesn’t cool, even after you adjust the air conditioner temperature to the desired levels. Such a problem is often triggered by failure to clean the air conditioner properly for many days, or lack of Ft Lauderdale air duct cleaning, or when the conditioning machine becomes too old. The compressor problems can make it operate improperly. The best way to solve this problem is to seek professional Ft Lauderdale AC repair services.
  • Charging: This is yet another aspect that can also affect the operation of air conditioners. Just as lower charging affects this machine due to low refrigerant content, over-charging can also render a negative impact on its running efficiency.
  • The Machine Just Stops Working: The machine may also just stop working at a given time. This problem may be caused by an electrical fault in the fuse or the circuit breakers of the equipment. In such cases, you should seek our Ft Lauderdale AC repair services so that we can rectify the problem and ensure that the furnace’s power and condenser switches are turned on. The thermostat adjustment will also be done in a perfect way, so that the air conditioner cools below the prevailing temperature in the room.
  • Compressor Problems: This problem can be experienced in both small air conditioners and centralized air conditioners. Most people may find it quite difficult to switch off the compressor. All we will do to solve this problem is to reset the compressor.
  • Noise: You may hear noise once the air conditioner is turned on. This problem often occurs when the fan belt is dislodged. The fan controls often wear out due to improper connections and over sized systems. If you face such a problem, you should seek our Ft Lauderdale AC repair services so that we help bring the fan belt to its original position. We would equally maintain good lubrication to prevent such problem from featuring again.
  • Sensor Problems: Room air conditioners come with a thermostat sensor, set behind the machine’s control panel, which helps in measuring the air temperature. If this sensor is dislodged out of its proper position, the equipment may perform erratically or cycle constantly. Generally, the sensor is usually located next to the coil but it should not always touch it.
  • Drainage Problems: When the weather is a bit humid, look at the machine’s condensate drain to ensure it is draining properly and is not blocked in any way.

The aforementioned are just some of the common air conditioning repairs from our Ft Lauderdale customers that we attend to on a daily basis. All you need to do is to contact our office or team of experienced field technicians at any time of the day, as we are always available 24/7.